Meet Your Amazing Educator - Angela Brooks

Meet Your Amazing Educator - Angela Brooks

Beginner's Guide to Discover the Benefits of Essential Oils

Lavender Field

Hi! We’re so glad you dropped by. We see you out there doing it all, juggling life, family, business, home and all the pressures of our modern society and someway, somehow, trying to take care of everyone’s health in the middle of it. We’re the same. And along the way we found simple, convenient, safe and effective alternatives that have revolutionized our homes and wellness. “Hold up,” you say, “I don’t have time to figure out something new and learn how to use it.” That’s the best part. We’re not going to sell you something and then wave as you walk away to figure it out on your own. Oh no, we’re a community. A place to belong, learn and get answers. Meet the informed, awake, savvy and beautiful healthcare of the next generation.

What are Essential Oils?

Plants! Oils are distilled from the roots, bark, leaves, and flowers of our beautiful earth to create a sustainable and reliable way to give us individual care. Forget the boxed answers that pretend my needs are just like yours. Designed to work with our bodies, created for our use, intelligent a...


How do I use them?

Let me count the ways. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing them as perfume, diffusing them to fill your home with beneficial aromas, taking them in supplements, adding them to your personal care routine, and creating all kinds of unique and custom blends and products for your home. Whether you ...


Why Young Living?

Because remember? I know you. You’re out there trying to give yourself and your loved ones the very best. You’re investing in your future and you care about the sustainability and integrity of the products you use. Young Living has been leading this industry for 25 years. They’re not jumping onto...


If you sign up with me ...

While those who join our community are surprised and delighted with their products, the perk that never fails to shock and awe them is the community. Forget the lonely existence of Google searching and wishing you had someone to go to with your questions. You are about to be adopted into a family...


"The oils are just a small part of what I’ve gotten out of this journey- the community, relationships, and personal support were an unplanned bonus!"

Meredith, Team Member since 2015

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